Limitless Pill

A pill that gives you super human power, is it just a myth or a possible reality?

Disconnect (The Movie) followed the lives of a few families that used today’s technology to communicate, and ultimately led to each of their lives being torn apart.

On the other hand, Limitless (The Movie) is a sci-fi show that focuses on a main character, Eddie Morra (Played by Bradley Cooper) that was a struggling artist, whose life changed for the better once he took a pill that gave him superhuman abilities.

At face value, Limitless was an entertaining and engaging film – albeit, far from reality.

What did Bradley Cooper apparently take in “Limitless”?

In the movie, Cooper takes a smart drug known as NZT-48 which is a nootropic stack. Now believe it or not, nootropics do exist, and nootropics are actually referred to as “smart drugs”. But what did NZT-48 do for Cooper?

  • He was able to learn how to play the piano within 3 days.
  • Mentally he would be able to solve complicated mathematical calculations, notice patterns and then profit quite handsomely on the stock market.
  • He was able to become fluent in any language just by listening to someone talk for a bit.
  • Just by watching a few martial art movies, he was able to successfully defend himself against multiple assailants.

Are nootropics really that powerful in the real world?
Nope. Nope. Nope. and Nope.

Before you lose all hope, I’ll be the first to say that nootropics do provide an immense amount of cognitive benefit. You won’t be able to learn languages on the fly or become the next UFC champion, but you will become more productive altogether.

What are nootropics?

Dr. Corneliu E. Guirgea was the first person to coin the term “nootropics”. In his definition, nootropics are a class of chemicals that provide cognitive benefits to the brain, these chemicals may be man made or naturally occurring.

More specifically, Dr. Guirgea had a list of five criteria’s that a substance must reach for it to be labeled as a nootropic:

  • Improve brain function when the brain is under stressful conditions.
  • Improve memory and the ability to learn.
  • Have very few or minimal side effects, and most importantly, be non-toxic.
  • Improve on efficiency of neuro signals within the cortical and sub-cortical regions of the brain.
  • Protect the brain from anti-cholinergic drugs

Where can you get nootropics?

At first glance, it’s reasonable to believe that nootropics are prescription drugs – but that’s far from the truth. You can simply walk into your local pharmacy and pick up a few bottles of various nootropics, pay at the cashier, and go out your door.

You’re probably asking yourself now, what nootropics do I buy? Well, that is where nootropic stacks come in! In the movie “Limitless”, the nootropic stack that Cooper took was known as NZT-48, which by the way, doesn’t exist.

The reason why people prefer to take a nootropic stack instead of taking individual pills is that a stack already contains all the necessary nootropics that you should be taking, in addition, you’re taking just one pill as opposed to having to take 4-6 if not more pills if you wanted to take in all the nootropics.

For example, a nootropic called L-Carnitine is helpful in improving your energy and focus. A nootropic called Bacopa Monnieri on the otherhand improves blood flow to the brain which ultimately leads to better memory, learning and attentiveness. If you decided to buy just these two nootropics, you’d end up with two separate bottles and two pills that you must take every time.

What is the best nootropic stack on the market today?

We searched far and wide for legitimate nootropic stacks that actually work. Here’s the thing, many brain supplements or nootropic stacks on the market promise that their pill is filled with nootropics, and while that’s true, the quantity of the nootropics are extremely minimal. Unfortunately, if you fail to take the recommended dosage of each nootropic, then you will feel very little effects.

After much searching and testing, we settled on Neurolace being the #1 brain supplement/nootropic stack on the market. Neurolace is a nootropic stack that consists of five popular nootropics and caffeine. When we took this nootropic, we were pleased to see that we actually felt a noticeable difference compared to the prior nootropic stacks we’ve taken.

Following nootropics found in Neurolace:

  • Bacopa Monnieri: improves memory, and learning
  • Rhodiola Rosea: reduces mental and physical fatigue,  and most importantly reduces stress
  • L-Carnitine: improves mood and cognition
  • L-Theanine: another nootropic that reduces stress and makes you feel more relaxed
  • Vitamin B6: increases the amount of oxygen reaching your brain which leads to an overall improvement in productivity

Overall review on Neurolace:

There are four people here in the office, including me, and each of us felt a positive effect from taking Neurolace. We took one pill in the morning, and it kicked it into high gear about 30 minutes later. There was an obvious improvement in our energy, focus and concentration – heck, the first day we took the pill, that was one hell of a productive day. The effects from the pill began to wear down about 6-7 hours later before we took another one, and got right back on the horse.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive review on Neurolace, I recommend that you read the following article by ReviewingThis. The author does a great job in breaking down the effects from each nootropic and also touches on a few things you need to watch out for, such as counterfeit products:

Do not purchase Neurolace off Amazon or eBay! When I was initially placing my order for Neurolace off, I noticed that on Amazon and eBay, sellers were selling Neurolace for less than I can get it directly. I decided to email Neurolace and ask them why these other sellers have cheaper rates. They told me that for the past six months, their product has been heavily counterfeited and that many of these counterfeits are sold on Amazon and eBay by individual sellers. If you read any of the reviews from either of those two platforms, you’ll even notice that past users of the authentic Neurolace pills were complaining about receiving a bottle and pills that in no way match the authentic ones, especially when it comes to effects.

Yep, believe it or not, in this day and age, people are even counterfeiting brain supplements!

If we head over to YouTube, there is a Neurolace customer that left a pretty informative review on their experience on Neurolace that is worth taking a look:

As a closing statement, while nootropic stacks such as the one in “Limitless The Movie” are completely make believe, there are actual, legitimate, nootropic stacks on the market. You won’t be cashing in on the stock market by taking Neurolace for example, but if you are looking to be more productive and attentive at work, then it’s definitely worth a try.